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Winner | Greentown Lotus Side Resort Hotel | GHD Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

The hotel is located on the southeast region of Jiyang District, Jinan, and adjoins a large-scale 30,000-sqm city park on the north and Yellow River on the south. The fascinating natural scenery and urban bustle coexist in the site, rendering it an ideal place for planning a high-end business resort hotel that integrates liveliness and tranquility.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Greentown Lotus Side Resort Hotel
Hospitality Architecture Built

GHD Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

GHD Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Design Team
GHD Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Jiyang District, Jinan, China


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The hotel is composed of two functional groups, respectively, the supporting public functions and concentrated guestroom area on the south as well as the villa guestroom area on the north. The designers made use of the space of a 50-meter-long civic green belt near the main entrance to create an open but also enclosed Chinese-style entrance space, achieving the goal of designing a sheltered place for urban dwellers. Separate accesses to the foot & drink area and villa guestroom area were specially designed to facilitate flow dispersion. 

An enclosed layout was adopted in the overarching spatial form, with the lobby near the main entrance as the central axis and supporting facility area and concentrated guestroom area on its both sides. The center is enveloped by a Chinese-style courtyard of 3000 m² and an infinity swimming pool. The designers intended to build a classical Chinese-style garden peculiar to Jiangnan region in the northern city and create a comfortable and delightful micro-environment. Meanwhile, the overall logic of the courtyard enclosed by architectures unfolds. Concentrated guestroom area is C-shaped, so most of the rooms orient to central courtyard. Supporting facility area faces central landscapes. Between the Chinese restaurant and the banquet hall, a 400-sqm small courtyard within the main courtyard is planned to offer occupants in the interior seamless outdoor natural beauty and an intimate affinity with landscapes in the courtyards.

Villa guestroom area on the north consists of 20 terraced houses with gardens on both sides of the street. Chinese-style walls and front doors are created to establish a neighborhood relationship valued by Chinese. With a front and a back garden in each villa, designers created delicate garden spaces typical of China, so occupants in every guestroom could appreciate natural sceneries in four seasons.

With a full consideration to local-flavored cultural characteristics in Jiyang, designers selected a mixed style that integrates a style typical of Jiangnan region and a style peculiar to the Republic of China to design single buildings. The walls were painted in white without elaborate colors but the plain color highlights walls’ solidity and decency. The ornamented railing is well-arranged, though sparsely and densely combined. The roofs covered by cylindrical glazed tiles lend a classical charm to the buildings, poetically sheltering occupants from wind and rain. The project draws on two sources of Chinese-style architectural tradition, respectively, architectural style of Republic of China and garden of Jiangnan Region, incorporating many Chinese-style elements including unadorned and elegant flavor, white walls and black tiles, bridge and flowing water, etc. The overall project manifests a unique aesthetic that features an inclusive environment, a simple form and an elegant shape.

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