UDAD Awards 2019

Winner – Hairlines | Ecocriações Arquitectura Sustentavel

PRIMARY FUNCTION: The design is inspired by a piece of jewelry and in the contemporary and sophisticated woman, combining elegance and light, draws patterns for design and makes them a significant part of this space. It was used  a game of lights to focus on the essential points of space and conveys a sense of comfort, intimacy, and visual permeability throughout the space so that one can get an idea of, the scale of space and volume of the inner set.


Winner – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | Ecocriações Arquitectura Sustentavel
Category | Commercial Interior
Team | Filipe Francisco, Joana Araújo, Tiago Santos
Country | Portugal

UNIQUE PROPERTIES / PROJECT DESCRIPTION: It is a space marked by sobriety combined with refinement, marked by the superposition of textures and luxury materials that allow the client a unique and exquisite experience. This distinctive space presents a contemporary look with classic inspiring notes. Copper as a material of supreme elegance was the material chosen to give character to interior design. Of extreme elegance and sublime, all the ideas of a space with details of improvement were created.

PRODUCTION/REALIZATION/ MATERIALS: Copper,wood leaf of pau santo,iron,fabric,lacquered panels,custom furniture, custom lighting.

The glass panels were constructed in iron painted, the oval lamps are suspended in the ceiling and were made with copper plates without a fixture being visible to the public.The mirrors in the cut zone are suspended by an iron tube where electrical supplies are to the work bench and a light box constructed with leaf ash root and Led ribbon in the backbar area,highlighting the official cosmetics brand.

FLOW / INTERACTION: When entering the hall the customer has the perception of the refinement of the environment either through the contrast of materials used or through the type of lighting chosen. All this combination allows to highlight and differentiate each zone of the hall, maintaining the idea of an intimate environment allied to the main conditioner of the project, the functionality. All the circulation has been thought to the detail respecting the different space of this sort demands a reception, waiting room, passing to the zone of washing, zone of cut and styling, zone of make-up and finally reception zone.

DURATION/ LOCATION: The project was carried out between February 2018 and July 2018 in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal.

RESEARCH ABSTRACT: All the research for the elaboration of this project was made according to the client’s requests, the programmatic objectives and workflows. In this way, we seek to align the client’s pretensions to our subject always accompanied by meetings to discuss the proposals. We emphasize the fact that the client understood immediately the ideas presented.

CREATIVE / RESEARCH CHALLENGE: Throughout the project we had five challenges: the first was to create an exquisite and sophisticated architectural space coupled with a functional and practical work space, the second the total freedom we were given to think the space according to our ideas, the third plan the suspension of a lamp without resorting to structures as well as the design of the panels present in the project and the mirrors, the fourth and fifth challenge respectively.