UDAD Awards 2019

Winner – Tridel the Lobby | II BY IV DESIGN

Step into The Lobby, Tridel’s new corporate head office and design studio. Envision a space that inspires innovation, supports the community and stimulates workplace evolution – that is what The Lobby encompasses. The design team readily welcomed the challenge to find a solution to integrate all of Tridel’s dispersed studios across the city into one location. Conceived exclusively to create a multi-functional workplace environment, the 8,000 sq. ft. space successfully pays tribute to the brand’s long-standing legacy and achievements as one of the top developers in Canada.


Winner – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Category | Corporate Interior
Team | Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook
Country | Canada

As you enter The Lobby, you are received by an impressive marble reception area, balanced by an architecturally spectacular staircase, surrounded by bronze-tinted mirrors and floating on a spine supported by risers and self-illuminated LED treads. The designers fought to reconstruct the staircase, which was originally angled towards the opposite side, creating a dark and heavy visual barrier. Having it repositioned in the existing opening was essential to establishing an alluring first impression.

The showroom is a transformative runway, featuring contents tailored to any project with the ability to move all of the fixtures and dividers. A multi-digital screen unites the entrance with the showroom, transforming it into a design playground that inspires both customer and design consultant.

The success of merging Tridel’s corporate office with their design studio is evident in the human experience of the space. Move from atrium to meeting room, enjoy a coffee before lectures, and experience an immersive, multi-serviceable space designed to redefine the workplace.

Changes to the way we work and live are taking place all across the world. These changes in lifestyle have affected how and where we spend our time, which is something that was greatly considered when designing this space. The Client challenged the design team to consider how people live and work, understanding that the workplace should complement and support the brand and lifestyle to the fullest. There are more diverse ways to work in today’s day and age, and responding to that need was critical.

The Lobby environment creates an opportunity to connect, to educate, to enliven, and to make work life more enjoyable and fulfilling. More than just a design studio, The Lobby reinvents what it means to be in the workplace today. It is a meeting place – corporate office, head office, event space, showroom, and educational facility. Flexibility was key in design planning, allowing the space to transform based on the purpose of the meeting.

When you step into The Lobby, you are inspired to work, inspired to design, and inspired to discover. As an employee, the workplace environment is open, inviting, warm, and collaborative. The success of this interior is the ability to transform based on different needs. Great design adapts without compromising beauty, innovation or quality – and that is exactly what The Lobby delivers, the opportunity to enjoy design to the fullest.