UDAD Awards 2019

Winner – Tojal Gallery | Saffar Studio

Searching for the lost implications between sky, architecture and urban spaces.


Winner – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | Saffar Studio
Category | Cultural 
Team | Ahmad Saffar, Marzieh Estedadi,Bahar Mesbah, Nasim Sadeghpour
Country | Iran

Architecture and the light are interdependent just like the body and soul. The specific spaces that have the true potential of natural light, can not show the flow of life accurately. So the presence of light in the space could be resembled as blown of the soul into the body to make meaning more than light for it.

One of the most important effects of space description in Iranian architecture is using shadows to make elevation surface fluctuated or the entrance in contrast with the chaos in the city; Both factors, sun and light, play a vital role in embedding these characteristics.

In Iranian traditional architecture, the entrance of the building has the ability of visual and perceptual communicating between urban spaces and interior building activities system. Being open to the city and its habitats is the criterion of identity for the building.

In Iranian traditional architecture, specially bazaars, the natural light has been considered as an orientation, as it always has been a part of the hierarchy in architecture. Overall,  thinking about the light matters and considering it as a direct or an indirect factor of natural light  before entering a room, locating the light holes of  in the walls and the ceilings, choosing the best  materials and measure of light reflection in  interior spaces, making deep contrast in  different spaces,made us able to control the movement in one space to another. In this kind of space, the intensity of light and darkness is the main way that specifies the importance and function of ways and spaces. Also, the intensity of light’s ray into the spaces can definitely be a great help to enter or exit a room in the fastest ways.

Lights can make the structure and form of the building more obvious.

The natural light in the traditional architecture of public and residential areas is mostly received from the sky, generally speaking in traditional architecture, human views are mainly convergent and skywards leading to focus on the past.

 By and large, The designing team intends to incorporate the utilization of local architecture among forgotten elements of space in the traditional Iranian market to unify the contemporary and past architecture in modernism ego for the needs of today’s human being to be met.