2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | HUAWEI Creative Space | Wanda Hotel Design Institute

Creative space needs to have a lot of expansibility and plasticity. It is necessary to embody the current culture of the enterprise in the space elements. We should also leave enough space for future development. Creating space can stand the test of time. It can meet different growth needs.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

HUAWEI Creative Space
Interior Design Concept

Wanda Hotel Design Institute

Wanda Hotel Design Institute

Design Team
Lv Liang

Qingpu, Shanghai, China


©Wanda Hotel Design Institute

In the lobby, The classic section of the wall shape is a metaphor for tradition, which shows respect for tradition and injects new vitality into tradition. The human-shaped image formed by the light-transmitting perforated plate travels through time and space, implying “science and technology are people-oriented”. The keyboard-like low seat and modern tumbler chair are filled with interest, adding a lively atmosphere to the space. Irregular stone splicing symbolizes the various hardships on the road to entrepreneurship, which eventually condense into a solid foundation. The corrugated aluminum ceiling creates a reflection effect in the space, delivering a sense of mysterious technology. The metal frame that seems to break through the wall, implies the will and determination to break through the limits of thinking and open up an endless future. The square shaped wall, both like a maze and a chip set, symbolizes communication, exchange, and the vitality of moving forward through the unknown.

In the office area. The ceiling shape formed by mirror-like metal reflects the facade, which further enhances the sense of space and the future. Perforated metal panels combined with lighting form the wall decoration featuring a strong sense of technology, which is close to the theme of high-tech enterprises.

The classic section of the wall shape can be found in the elevator hall, where modern and traditional elements contrast and collide, implying the notion of respecting the history and looking forward to the future. Creating such a scenery in the elevator hall, which is the main traffic space, implies the interconnection of time and space.

High tech enterprises need creative thinking most. So we named this space “creative space.” Technology changes the world. Ideas change technology. As a high-tech enterprise. We believe that its workplace should be open and inclusive. Not only in space, but also in time. Only the human mind can connect the different time and space of human beings. We want to create a space where ideas can be generated. In this space, it not only embodies the spirit of enterprise, but also integrates the imprint of the times.

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