APR Cultural UC

Winner – Jiande Urban Planning Exhibition Center & Museum by GOA

Global Future Design Awards 2019
First Award
Category: Cultural Under Construction
Firm: GOA
Architect: Jian LING, Binxin CHEN
Country: China

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Urban Planning Exhibition Center & Museum is the core of the future “City Parlor”, and also an important landmark and name card of Jiande, Hangzhou. The site is located in the core section of the Qiaodong Block of Jiande, adjoining the Xin’an River to the south and the Qiaodong CBD to the north. With a length of about 1.4km east-west and a spatial depth of 60m~140m north-south, the site looks like a belt backed by the city and facing the natural scenery. The project consists of four cultural venues: convention & exhibition center, urban planning exhibition hall, museum and women and children’s activity center.

The design is intended to integrate the four functional bodies into one cultural complex via a complete and continuous space. The architecture is stretched, low and flat in its entirety such that other buildings can also enjoy riverside landscape. The riverside interface in the south features undulating and soft curve, which is adapted to the terrain profile and integrated with greening landscape. The transparent bottom space makes the architectural massing feel lightsome, while ensuring ideal sightlines and transportation accessibility, introducing riverside landscape into the city. In the north, the project uses vertical lines to echo with urban environment, breaks up the whole interface into parts and uses smaller massing to create a pleasant dimension.

Today the cultural facilities have been gradually changed from solemn, sublime, mysterious and dignified traditional image into a cultural and living service platform for citizens. A good space should be able to establish connections between knowledge dissemination and daily leisure activities, and stimulate users’ passion in communication and sharing. Relying on its transparent and continuous spaces, Jiande Urban Planning Exhibition Center & Museum has perfectly met this demand, and presented the lightsome, elegant, gentle, prudent and beautiful image of a cultural landmark.