2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Royal Bayview for Tridel | II BY IV DESIGN

Situated in a community just outside one of North America’s largest cities, the two prominent towers of Royal Bayview rise at 12 and 14 storeys respectively, overlooking the Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto. Established in 1924, Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto provided a venue for women golfers at a time when women faced difficulties with access to golf courses. Today, it is the only facility in North America established by women for women. The designers focused on honoring the legacy of the site with luxuriously upscale interiors that offer a blend of both traditional and contemporary features.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Royal Bayview for Tridel
Residential Interior Concept


Keith Rushbrook 

Design Team
Keith Rushbrook and Dan Menchions




The double-storey glass vitrine lobby reaches soaring heights that offers residents grand visibility of the heritage golf course landscape with a lounge and concierge desk that speaks of timeless luxury. The sweeping curvaceous layout incorporates elements of the contoured architecture and landscape topography, delivering a quiet understated elegance.

Light filters though the floor-to-ceiling windows, highlighting the thoughtfully curated art program that expands throughout the lobby and amenity spaces, drawing inspiration from local talent. The result is a relaxed yet sophisticated environment ideal for social interactions. Expansive windows and views are created to allow the architecture to frame this exclusive residence. Its impressive double-storey lobby also allows for a seamless integration between the interior and exterior.

One of the most important aspects of the overall project was to create a design that reflected the reality of an everchanging world. Incorporating sustainable features with socially responsible practices was an essential part of the design process. Thoughtful materials and finishes (such as anti-bacterial choices for high touchpoint features) were selected to help with maintenance and operations to create a clean and safe environment. Bringing in natural light, conceiving smart use of spaces, and establishing a sense of security and calm to make the most of the interior environment are all features that were incorporated into this project.

With an impressive 9,000 sq ft of space devoted to amenities, the contrast of neutral textured wood against the smooth white interior delivers a stunning play on texture and light, highlighting the array of contemporary artworks and organic-shaped furniture. The facilities include a swimming pool with a prominent glass art installation, fitness center, party rooms, and more; a true extension of the home in a private membership-like environment.

Calm, elegant and sophisticated, Royal Bayview combines a mix of urban and suburban lifestyle communities, designed in a soft colour palette that mirrors and honours the lush surrounding landscape of the Ladies Golf Club.

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