2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Site Layout of Micro-Districts 15b-16b In The District Of Bogorodskoe (Eastern Administrative District) | State Research and Design Institute for Urban Development of the City of Moscow

The site plan for micro-districts 15B-16B in Bogorodskoe District (Eastern Administrative District) was drawn up as part of realization of the capital’s Programme for Renovation of Housing Stock. Twenty standard-design five-storey buildings from the Soviet era, which were positioned in the micro-district in accordance with the urban-planning approach of 1960-s, are to be demolished. This houses do not line the edge of the street and in places were built on parts of the streets themselves, disrupting existing links. Since in development of such micro-districts there was no demarcation of zones to be built upon and public spaces, 9-, 12-, and 14-storey residential buildings sprang up from the 1970s forwards on land that was vacant or became free, and in the first decade of the 21st century high-rise residential complexes began to be built. Few streets disappeared from the structure of Bogorodskoe.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Site Layout Of Micro-Districts 15b-16b In The District Of Bogorodskoe (Eastern Administrative District)
Urban Planning Concept

State Research and Design Institute for Urban Development of the City of Moscow

Dina Sattarova

Design Team
Dina Sattarova, Galina Mits, Nikolay Kikava, Elena Skripkina; Team of authors: Pavel Kalinov, Dmitry Mironov, Mariya Zagorskaya, Irina Zaychikova, Svetlana Kopnina, Eduard Martirosov, Ivan Galushkin, Mikhail Sinkovich; Authors of utilities-infrastructure projects: Mikhail Levashkevich, Aleksandr Frolov, Evgeny Semenov, Ilya Kirillov, Margarita Korovina, Sergey Bakastov, Andrey Lazarev, Leonid Baryshev, Andrey Gnezdilov and Kirill Gladkiy



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The programme for renovation in this district involves construction of new residential city blocks designed in accordance with principles for a high-quality urban environment. The multipronged approach involves creation of both private and public territories, as well as of all transport and social infrastructure needed by the future inhabitants. The city blocks will be built to a non-standard architectural design, giving the district a recognizable visual image of its own.

The public and courtyard spaces are to be greened and landscaped; streets and driveways in the planning area are to be reconstructed. The project pays particular attention to creating small public gardens and boulevards. Large trees, bushes, and perennials are to be planted, and flowerbeds and lawns are to be laid out. Additionally, the project provides for children’s playgrounds and sports areas, recreational zones, street furniture, street and special lighting, and cycle and running tracks running alongside the streets.

The project involves stage-by-stage modernization of utilities infrastructure. The proposals for new utilities networks aim to keep life as comfortable as possible for both the inhabitants of the houses that are to be retained and residents moving into new houses during the early stages of construction.

Development of the area’s transport infrastructure involves more than doubling the density of the streets and roads network. This will improve the coherence and accessibility of the urban fabric and ensure that provision of existing and planned buildings with public transport satisfies statutory requirements regarding accessibility. The project involves existing streets sections reconstruction including the tram tracks, and creation of a network of thoroughfares for communal use with pavements and parking spaces.

The project takes into account opinions and desires expressed by residents during online public discussions. A proposal to create a new street to link Krasnobogatyrskaya and Kuznetsovskaya streets was accordingly dropped from the project. In this spot the existing sports areas, children’s playgrounds, and open car parks will be retained.

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