2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: The Hotel Nudibranch | SpActrum

The site is called Dashaao, which means ‘grand sandy bay’. The design is inspired by sea creatures, which the Nanji Island is famous for, such as nudibranch. This “mollusk” lifts itself by its soft legs and stretches its tentacles to explore different directions. The public part of the hotel resembles a floating space above the sand. The sandy ground blends into the hotel to become an outdoor playground in the shadow cast by the building above. The building blends the boundaries between buildings and landscape by its organic form and flexible connectivity. Eco-friendly technologies have been installed to minimize the environment impacts.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

The Hotel Nudibranch
Hospitality Architecture Concept


Yan Pan

Design Team
Yan Pan, Zhen Li, Yu Zheng, Hao Chen, ShAil Paragkum Patel, Nan Sun, Yuchen Qiu




The Sea Slug Hotel to be built in Dasha’ao, Nanji Island is an important part of the whole island development project of Nanji International Tourism Island. The design of the hotel is inspired by the prestigious marine creatures in the waters of Nanji Island, such as sea slugs and other shellfish. This building resembling a mollusk sea slug is located on the beach. It lifts its torso with its soft tentacles and stretches its tentacles to explore different directions. The public part of the hotel is like a floating space on the beach. The beach ground is integrated with the hotel and becomes an outdoor playground under the shadow of the upper building. These “tentacles” connect people from the beach floor to restaurants and bars, SPA centers and swimming pools, and to the public spaces above. There is a private garden above the public floor, which is specially designed for hotel guests. The hotel rooms are located in two shell-shaped buildings, most of the rooms can see beautiful sea views. The building integrates the boundary between the building and the landscape with its organic form and flexible connection; it is like a beautiful sea slug dormant in a calm bay. The public floors extend to different parts of the site. The road passes through the building, hugs the West Bay, and overlooks the East Bay. The soft curve matches the hills to the north. There are some rising hills from the public floor to the platform, which are part of the landscape of the roof garden system. The hotel rooms are placed in a glass shell, most of the rooms can see the sea view, providing high-quality vacation. From west to east, you can enjoy the best scenery at sunrise and sunset. In addition, this case also used many advanced environmental protection technologies to minimize the impact on the site environment. The first is to restore Shawan to its natural state. The organic form integrates it with the environment, and the shadow cast on the beach allows the public space to be used in the hot summer sun without air conditioning. Rainwater collection devices are installed on the top of the public floors, and the double-layer shell of the hotel tower is naturally ventilated. Bio-waste disposers can generate energy from garbage without incineration. In addition, the organic shape can be an inspiration for tourists to explore the beauty and secrets of the sea.

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