APR Cultural

Winner – Waterfront Landscape Belt of Tonglu Fuchun River by GOA

Global Future Design Awards 2019
First Award
Category: Cultural
Firm: GOA
Architect: Binxin CHEN
Country: China

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The land for this project is located in the waterfront belt of Fuchun River in Tonglu County. It starts from Sangyuan Road in the west, reaches Baoxin Road in the east and faces the Fuchun River in the north, with a total length of about 1.6km.

Following the philosophy of “return the river to the city”, natural design methods are applied in the project so that the Fuchun River can run through the natural sites. The Ertai Tiding Road is partially retreated by means of partial bending and spaces are opened at the bends for a river view so as to emphasize natural involvement.

The single building consists of 2 public toilets and 3 water conservancy management rooms.

Among them, water conservancy management rooms A, B-01 and B-02 are for office functions. The north side of the water conservancy management room A is a large space management room equipped with a large transparent glass curtain wall, which allows direct enjoyment of the outer waterscape and improves the office quality. There are unloading area and logistics area hidden in the south hillside. In the room, a staircase leads directly to the roof terrace, and people can also reach the roof terrace along the accessible ramp and enjoy the river view.

Water conservancy management rooms B-01 and B-02 are connected by a canopy, and a large ladder from Binjiang Road to Ertai Tiding Road is set between the two buildings. The first and second floors of B-01 and B-02 are equipped with management rooms, which make full use of the elevation difference between Binjiang Road and Ertai Tiding Road. The management room on the first floor can be entered from Binjiang Road in the south while the management room on the second floor can be entered from Ertai Tiding Road in the north. The roof terrace can be reached through the indoor stairs. It offers a river view and urban landscape.

The public toilet is also part of the landscape. In addition to usual functions, it also provides with a place to rest and have a view of the surrounding forest and wetland landscape through the glass curtain wall. There is a spiral stair in Toilet 01 that allows you to ascend to the terrace on the second floor and get back to Ertai Tiding Road through the garden on the terrace on the second floor. The terrace on Toilet 02 is directly connected to Ertai Tiding Road, forming a view point.

Client: Tonglu Urban Infrastructure Co., Ltd.
Location: Tonglu, Zhejiang, China
GFA: 197,200㎡
Design Period: 2016- 2018
Project Type: Auxiliary buildings to the landscape, such as restaurants, toilets and water conservancy management rooms