APR Commercial UC

Winner – JNBY Storage Campus by GOA

Global Future Design Awards 2019
First Award
Category: Commercial Under Construction
Firm: GOA
Architect: Yan WANG
Country: China
Website: www.goa.com.cn

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Located in Xiaoshan Economic & Technological Development Zone of Hangzhou, the project is a production & logistics base integrating production, picking and logistics functions. The project site is separated by a road with the former production base of JNBY in the south, and is adjacent to Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway in the north and city viaduct in the west. The task of this project is to design a storage park of reasonable layout and charming image at such an artery road intersection.

To improve production & logistics efficiency, the main entrance of production & logistics base is set in the southeast corner of the site, facing the main logistics entrance of the former production base. The production & logistics workshop buildings are divided into east unit and west unit, and the truck handling area is located in the north to guarantee efficient logistics flows, neat and tidy park image along the road in the south.

To obtain a complete and efficient logistics & storage space, the traffic center is arranged beyond the large space, and the arcuation feature of metal corrugated plates are used to naturally create a fit cover for the unification of surface and functions. The façade’s overlapped cambered surface and cover wrinkles imply a sense of flexible texture, and the sense of sculpture of architectural massing echoes with the fashion pattern. The surface texture of the metal sheets produces fine light and shadow transition on the cambered surface, and continuous glass curtain walls at the bottom and irregularly-distributed square windows not only solve the problem of bottom lighting in the operating area but also meet the demand of upper-layer fire rescue. The main window openings are designed to face the atrium for internal lighting and ventilation. The north interface is designed into an entire cambered surface along the expressway to maximally show the landmark status of the architecture. On the whole the architecture has inherited the flexible, stylish, pure and simplistic properties of JNBY’s products, and presented a concise and pure enterprise image with rich connotations.