UDAD Awards 2019

Winner- Yacht Hotel San Juan de Puerto Rico | DNA Barcelona Architects

“Yacht Hotel” bases its design on a serie of horizontal lines from nautical inspiration that breaks the compact volumetry of the building. Playing with different depths in the alignment of the facades, as well as with the perimeter of the volatizes, a more dynamic volume is obtained, it creates a sensual and elegant final image. The combination of different tones in the finishing material of the facades produces a more agile rhythm of the building. Every detail helps to create a lighter picture of the set and in movement. The terraces are not only an aesthetic element, they assume an extension of the interior space to the outside, an essential ingredient of the Caribbean culture creating a direct relationship between interior and exterior.


Winner – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | DNA Barcelona Architects
Category | Hospitality (Concept)
Team | Aryanour Djalali
Country | Spain

The complex offers 62 luxury rooms of 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms and has integrated luxury services such as sky bar with infinity pool, private garden, spa area with massage rooms, gym, business areas, restaurants and terraces. These common areas and services give added value to the stay in a complex. The place, the design and the services are the elements that can make visitors enjoy a dream stay and remember it as unbeatable.

The project was developed in the strategic location with the goal to maximize sea views and to create a new icon for the county lagoon being inspired by the nautical character of the port and the sea waves. The building relates well with the city and provides new services and new sensations through architecture. The complex will be in conjunction with already existing buildings of San Juan de Puerto Rico and is capable to correspond to all modern user´s needs offering a unique space to relax and work for people from all over the world.