UDAD Awards 2019

Honorable Mention- Viana do Castelo House II | VALDEMAR COUTINHO ARQUITECTOS

The house is located in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, in an urban area of ​​low density residential single family dwellings.


Honorable Mention – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Category | House Design (Built)
Team | Valdemar Coutinho Santos
Country | Portugal 

It is a self-catering house, looking for privacy, creating various environments having a relatively simple functional organization consisting of three floors.

We have a floor of the ground floor with spans strategically designed for the land, land in which predominates the green spaces. The exterior is taken inland from different frames, creating unique relationships with the garden.

On the floor, in the area of ​​the rooms, more private area, there is a demand of recollection, with less spans but with much light.

The basement also has a lot of light, not giving the idea that we are on a buried floor, by the introduction of two opposite patios.

The house program is organized on 3 levels.

The level of the entrance: On this floor is compartmentalized to the hall, sanitary installation of service, living room and dining room.

The basement level: A garage, an office, a room and two outside patios.

In the last upper level we have the rooms and toilets.

The main objective was to create a simple massive volume, constituted by several parts and subtracting others, of contemporary language without interfering with the built envelope. The finishing materials predominate the plates of stapled stones and the white.

In general terms we can say that it is a house with identity, of contemporary language that interacts with the existing constructions with some naturalness.