2020 GFD 馃弳 Awards

Winner: Zonhow 路 5Fook International Sales Center by Rumo Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Situated in the center of Qianjiang New Town, Hangzhou, China, Zonhow 路 5Fook International is a world-class urban complex that integrates corporate headquarters, business exhibitions, offices and residences. The project is its sales center. The design team has been impressed by the elegance and poetic romance of Hangzhou, and is well-versed in the essence of Jiangnan (the region south of the Yangtze River) aesthetics. Taking “urban living room” as the design concept, the designers blended humanistic charm of Jiangnan Region with modern design languages, and integrated commercial and artistic value of this urban space. Arcs and curved surfaces were utilized to generated a sense of layering and tension in the space.

Winner: Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Rumo Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Architect/Designer | Jason Chen
Category | Commercial Interior Built
Team | Jason Chen, Henry Cui锛孍than Zhu, Caesar Chen
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | 漏Threeimages


An original and pure tension extends from the exterior to the interior. Based on the approach of deconstruction, the designers tried to break the intrinsic spatial pattern within the rules. Different from conventional sales centers, two circulation routes are applied at the entrance, with a view to enhancing both spatial experiences and functionality.

The layout of the original space was formed based on the function of shops, which resulted in disorderly distribution of shear walls throughout the space. In addition, structural beams restrict the height of ceiling. The design team adopted inclined and curved surfaces rather than partition walls to produce an open layout, which effectively mitigated the limitations of the original space.

The ceiling is covered with a metal plate featuring rippling patterns, just like sparkling lake water. The metal plate has curved edges, which enclose the dynamic luster. It forms a contrast the brown wood-grain marble floorings, achieving the balance between lightness and massiveness.

The interior space is mainly illuminated by hidden linear light sources, which highlight the contours of walls and the ceiling. The changes of light and shadows generate a pleasing rhythm, enriching the sense of layering in this simplistic space.

Large areas of glass curtain walls bring in abundant natural light, making the whole space tranquil and clear, and visible from within and without. Corners are complemented by glass-brick screens, with the diamond-like surface “guiding” changes of light, hence adding unique romance and atmosphere to the space.

The artwork set at the corner is designed by Arik Levy. It is composed of three abstract geometric structures superimposed on another, serving as a visual highlight on the circulation route. Artistic creation concept is combined with materials and contours, thereby generating the artwork. It has a magical appeal, which evokes enjoyable spatial experiences.