IASA 2018 Commercial Interior

Zens Brand Store In Beijing China World Trade Center Tower by CUN Design

ZENS focuses on Chinese design while keeping an eye on young Chinese designers, whom it dubbed as the “Platinum Generation”. In the spring of 2017, ZENS and CUN DESIGN came into contact for the first time and tried to accomplish a work together with a fresh design. At that time, we went close to the brand and found that the first thing that ZENS needed was to refresh its image if it was determined to design together with CUN DESIGN. Through these store designs we could get to know each other better, and what’s more, store design was extremely important at that time as ZENS was poised for a take-off.

International Award for Sustainable Architecture Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Commercial Interior
Architects: Shu Cui
Studio Name: CUN Design
Team Members: Wang Jizhou Chuan
Country: China
Website: www.cunchina.cn
Interior Designer: Cui Shu, Wang Jizhou
Participating Designer: Ma Chuanchuan
Location: China World Trade Center Tower, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Function: Commercial space
Project Name: ZENS Brand Store in Beijing China World Trade Center Tower 3
Photographer: Wang Ting, Wang Jin 

Hence, we saw a store opened on the first floor of Beijing China World Trade Center Tower 3. Given the small floor area in a strange oval shape, we tried to design the store with the concept of an oriental circle. In this way, CUN DESIGN embarked on this new journey of designing for the brand terminal store together with designers from ZENS!

The design method adopted was quite simple. We first tried to soften the edges and corners on the floor, walls and roof with a borderless technique so as to divert attention from the size and shape of the store space and blur the boundary of the store.

Subsequently, we used an open-ended bamboo device to make an oriental circle, which looked like a carp bending its body and extending its tail, or a pebble with rounded edges. Finally, with such an oriental circle device, all functions were coordinated and integrated.

In my understanding, the orient could be represented by a circle. However, in my heart, the circle, instead of a geometric figure known to the world, is more like a pebble washed by the stream of time with rounded and smooth edges that presents various styles from different angles.It looks like a compromise with the world and the environment, but retains a kind of self-persistence and respect for time, attesting to a distinct personality without being sharp or mean!

Designers of CUN DESIGN used a geometric figure known to the world to display oriental wisdom and philosophy. We believe the purpose of design has never been beauty but something deeper and far more important. It may be the precision, the wisdom, the enlightenment after a problem is solved, or a beautiful presentation based on methodology.

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