WADA 2019 Cultural

Centro Educación Infantil Candeleda by Eduardo M. González Fraile

The PLACE, is located on the meridional hillside of the mountain range “Sistema Central” (Spain), looking at the South meseta. That fact determinates the way the building is open to the environment.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Second Award | Category: Cultural
Architects: Eduardo Miguel González Fraile
Studio: Eduardo M. González Fraile
Country: Spain

The building is organized in two levels to create a big double height open space of play ground and making easy the differentiation of uses and itineraries, by prevent crossing of circulation and flow.

On ground floor, it is located administrative offices and service area. On first floor they are located classrooms with better sunlight and control over the landscape.Under the ground floor there is a basement that regularizes the air temperature of the building.

GEOTHERMAL MACHINE: The building works with passive energy, by using crossing air circulation, greenhouse effect and chimney effect by transfer air through different floors: in winter warm air from the basement go up naturally, and in summer hot air go up and the depression absorb cool air from the basement.

LIGHT: Transparency and geometrical effects, reflection over footlights. There is a study over the reflections of light on different materials.

COLOR: There is a psychologically study over the color to learn the way to understand the world of shapes, colors, transparency.

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