2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | CoCo Tea Coffee Juice shop in Shiquan Street | OYTT Design

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice shop in Shiquan Street: Trace back to the source and respond to the call of nature

The new CoCo shop is located in Shiquan Street in Suzhou, and the design completely integrates the scenes into the future life. The modern aesthetics and the historic street enhance each other’s beauty, and promote the overall prosperity.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice shop in Shiquan Street
Commercial and Restaurant Interior (Built)

OYTT Design

Tiao Ouyang

Design Team
Yun Yao, Danfeng Zhou, Xiaobei Ma

Suzhou, China


©Photographer: Haha Lu

Through the curved shapes and structures, we connected the top surface, the walls and floors. Not only from the appearance, but also from the connotation, the power of art continuously penetrates the entire building. We created an immersive scene experience, analyzed the philosophic relationship between the environment and the future building, and also led the brand to a creative and sustainable evolutionary path.

We tried to retain the details and charm of the original building as much as possible. After walking in, people can feel a strong rhythmic beauty visually by irregular blocks, and the curved lines and sense of order enrich the spatial hierarchy.

Production area and seating area echo and complement each other. At the same time, through the selection and layout of materials, colors and moving lines, they are injected with clear and independent attributes.

Climbing up the spiral stairs , the irregularly shaped caves connect beams and curved walls, which is the designer’s practice of finding vocabulary to respond to the call of nature, and they form different scenes while walking around, adding a bit of metaphor about the future in the space.

The embedded window on the wall is like a prelude to the space. The mottled texture of the paint is full of natural beauty, and forms the spatial tension for customers.

With the concept of “returning to the origin of life”, this project builds a rhythmic and soft space with cells and caves, constructing a carrier for seeking inner freedom in the balance between ancient civilization and modern aesthetics.

Area: 170 square meters
Start Time: January 2021
Completion Time: September 2021
Main Materials: art paint, customized brick, art pouring board, stainless steel, fireproof board
Manufacturer:Shanghai Hooyi Group
Lighting Brand:Miwei Lighting
Material brand:MUY Ceramic
Photographer: Haha Lu