2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Dubai Museum Plaza and Pedestrian Street Pedestrianization | Urban Design Section

Al Souk Al Kabeer is located in the area of Bur Dubai and is one of the oldest residential areas in the city with a predominantly expat population.  It saw an influx of traders from the early 20th century who eventually settled in the area.  

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Dubai Museum Plaza and Pedestrian Street Pedestrianization
Urban Design (Concept)

Urban Design Section

Urban Design Section – Dubai Municipality

Design Team
DM Urban Design Section, Maram Yaqoub, Jose Rizal Sacdalan, Maria L. Zapido

Souk Al Kabeer ( Grand Market ) Area

United Arab Emirates

©Urban Design Section

Al Souk Al Kabeer is a hive of busy retail, restaurants and shops with a strong focus on computer equipment, low cost shopping and a few major retailers such as pharmacies, super markets and service retail.  The project will be a continuation of the other projects done before in the historic district.   The previous studies and projects were targeted towards Al Shindagah Museums and Dubai’s traditional markets in Deira.  In order for the District to preserve its proposition as an authentic historical district of Dubai, it would need to preserve and celebrate all marks of this authenticity: diversity, some urban randomness, a different scale of living and working,  a living active community.

In this project the focus will be on Public realm and Transportation improvements: by recommending visible and viable solutions that link up the different projects, areas and the District into a coherent whole so that residents and tourists can safely enjoy and be informed about the rich history and heritage of the Souq Al Kabeer Area.

The project may be considered as a reinforcement of the area.  Through refurbishing a major route that runs through its major zones and connects important sites and  landmarks such as the Dubai Museum built under Al Fahidi Fort, which is the most important fort in Dubai.