2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Xi’an Chanba Starry Sky Park | Northwest Branch of Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute co.

The project is located in the riverside park-where is the intersection of the Chanhe River and the Bahe River in the CBE (Chanba Ecological District) of Xi’an, China-will fill the gap of high-end commercial space in the east of Xi’an after completed. It will be a one-stop tourism and living destination for garden visiting, socializing, shopping and cultural activities.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Xi’an Chanba Starry Sky Park
Commercial & Mixed Use (Concept)

Northwest Branch of Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute co.


Design Team
Huan Wang, Qishan Guo, Jiaxiu Wei, Shuai Zhang, Wenke LI

Xi’an, Shaanxi, China


©Northwest Branch of Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute co.

The design takes the future as the starting point and the starry sky as the source of inspiration. The building is placed in the starry sky in the form of a starship, which is not only a vision of high civilization, but also a response to human beings looking up to the starry sky since ancient times.

Future: the architecture and landscape are highly integrated in form and conception. The external facade adopts the smooth curve of metal curtain wall to highlight the sense of future. The echo between the building and dynamics of the river-which is around the site-is an exquisite sculpture from all directions of the city.

Secret place: due to the restrictions of building height, the commercial and garage parts have been sunk in two floors. When entering into the B2 floor, the senses will be shocked by natural secret place like the lost world. When passing through the water curtain from the main entrance into the interior of the building, the 270 degree cascade will instantly occupy everyone’s view. The petal-like platform on each floor is equipped with different plants. The water mist will form a rainbow in the sun, making the whole shopping space mysterious and beautiful.

The sinking area combines the tourism waterway, which runs through the site and links the adjacent area to provide visitors with the ultimate waterfront shopping experience. The businesses on each floor are connected with waterfalls by the arc-shaped escalator, which leads directly to the semi open-air theater on the roof, making the customer experience more diversified, so that the shopping is not limited to the shopping itself, but a theme park style destination for travel and shopping.