UDAD 2018 Housing

Mangawhai Heads House by Kamermans Architects Ltd

This waterfront, two bedroom, holiday house is located at the edge of an estuary and bird reserve, along the Pacific Ocean beach, about 1.50 hrs drive, north of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
Third Award  | Category: Housing
Architects: Frans Kamermans
Studio Name: Kamermans Architects Ltd

Country: New Zealand
Website: www.kamermans.co.nz

Being so close to the ocean the design had to create an “outdoor room” that provides shelter from rain, wind and sun in most seasons and weather condiPons. From this room one looks through the building towards the estuary and bird reserve beyond. The clients commented that this room, although it is an open space, is the most used space of the house.

The building is an simple sculptural composiPon of two mono pitch volumes, clad in cedar that is leR to weather.