2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Aoyuan International Business Centre | HWCD

Orange, by nature, represents passion. So the designer chose orange as the main color, aiming to achieve a positive emotional resonance. Everywhere you can feel the sense of rhythm in the curves and lines. The ceiling, front desk and wall are all the exploration and practice of the designer’s endless inspiration for light. With the novel and fashionable orange channel at the entrance, the concrete expression of light is realized until it is introduced into the whole space.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Aoyuan International Business Centre
Corporate Interior Built



Design Team
Jin Ming, Nie Haiming

Shanghai, China



The dining-room interior chooses white and orange leather chair,with white long table and gray gradual  geometric floor tile, looking nifty and harmonious, making spatial environment feel vigorous. The modern industrial style of the ceiling is skillfully complementary to the soft decoration, to achieve the unity of the overall dynamic and interesting style.

Hollow out partition can incorporate more natural light, so that the constantly changing light and shadow in the space  leave traces of walking everywhere, hance the orange tone and light and shadow interact, shaping the field of strong emotional dependence.

Green represents new hope and exuberant vitality. The designer team takes the green plant element as the main design element, and sets up a greenhouse-like frame structure  in the office as the negotiation room, which makes people relaxed and happy, as if they are in a quiet forest.

Wooden material,serving as the main desigen elements, making yellow the main color tone,giving us home-like comfortable feelings. The negative mood at work could be easily relax and ease. The overall simple design lines abandon all the tedious and complex design, return to simplicity.

The project was inspired by the blue and huge universe. The infinite arc in the starry sky outlines the mystery of the universe round by round. Combin-ed with the gorgeous blue keynote, it adds rhythm and modern atmosphere to the whole interior space, giving pe-ople infinite daydream space, and makes people return to peace and thinking.

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