2023 GFD 🏆 Awards


Life is a “show”. When modern aesthetics and spiritual power are injected with vibrant colors, natural performances, and art gradually emerge, life will be brilliant and colorful.

The project is located in Mianyang City, Sichuan. As a landmark of Mianyang City, DFE Design starts from architectural landscape, and completes the integrated system of interior design, operation planning, and art brand. It strives to break through the traditional paradigm of sales centers, and follow the openness and freedom of Jiangzhu’s attitude.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Interior Design (Built)

DFE Design

Vincent Zhao

Design Team
Xiao Xiao, Junnan Wang, Yaning Liu, Pengfei Ye, Xiangui He, Han Wang, Yunxiang Liao, Jifang Hu

Project Location
Mianyang, Sichuan


©Photography: AX-ShiFang

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At the beginning of the scene, it was still empty. Standing on the golden area along the river, the designer proposed the concept of “suspension”, and took the lead in building a panoramic and transparent glass box, which was placed on the second and third floors in a cantilevered state. The contrast of the glass curtain wall makes the architecture, landscape and interior integrate into one, and freely introduces the scene and sight; and in the glaze of the modern aesthetic building, a new art installation block is enclosed —— the real entity of the life aesthetics museum.

The building has lost its homogenized appearance, and the methods of interior planning have been broadened accordingly. The water element, which is the meaning of Jiangzhu, is integrated into the interior structure after artistic, giving the overhead floor the concept of “sharing the river view”. As the building extends to nature layer by layer, the public ingeniously achieves an organic connection with the outdoor environment and local humanities through the exploration and experience of space.

Taking into account the commercial operation and later transformation, the show space on the second floor presents the appearance of a multi-form overlapping functional community, and will always serve the residents around the composite value of the present and the future; the sales space on the third floor is based on the demand for housing purchases. The excellent view is settled at the highest point of the building, and the logical closed loop of the exhibition and sales behavior is completed in the figurative vision that can be viewed, imagined and perceived.

In the interior scheme, the visual expression of the curvilinear relationship also forms a surprising coupling with the exterior architecture. The curve depicts the multi-dimensional beauty of the space, and runs through the multi-functional areas such as the book bar, coffee, negotiation, sand table area, children’s area, and office on the behavior path. At the same time, the curved wall shape can also be regarded as a sculptural installation. The elevator hall and the signing room are closed together, and a private rhythm is preserved in the free opening.

The translation of the design language appeals to the brand. The concept of “IP + Scene + Art” came into being. According to the main body of the project, a happy and fat IP image of “Fat Beibei” was created. The Fat Beibei jointly created by a number of artists made a stunning appearance at the same time, injecting different spatial scenes into the scene. Young and energetic, it has become a decorative embellishment and an area that’s perfect for taking snap for social media.

Stepping into the entrance of yearning for a better life, dazzling colors have become the ideological main axis of infecting the spirit of the place. The ball lamp are embedded above the front hall’s field of vision, and bursts of dazzling “waves of light” radiate the same high-level background color and natural texture.

On the plane, the front hall is the core, showing a radial moving line logic, while on the facade, the spiral staircase is used as the belt, and functional areas are laid out layer by layer and the aesthetic landscape is implanted.