2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – SEB Office in Warsaw | Colliers Define

Timeless Aesthetic with a Local Flourish

The new office of Scandinavian bank SEB in Warsaw is a balanced combination of Scandinavian design, Swedish “lagom” philosophy, and the industrial as well as historical character of the Norblin Factory site. Top-quality materials such as stone, natural wood, linen, and Scandinavian moss have been used to build a biophilic and friendly work environment, emphasizing attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship. The interior of the office exudes a timeless style, where minimalist simplicity harmonizes with elements of Polish interwar design.

The interior exudes a timeless style, skillfully weaving minimalist simplicity with subtle influences from Polish design and industrial heritage. This fusion sets the stage for an ambiance that encourages creativity and innovation, while simultaneously providing tranquility for focused work.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

SEB Office in Warsaw
Corporate Interior (Built)

Colliers Define

Colliers Define

Design Team
Architecture & Planning: Zuzanna Jaszczuk, Paulina Palmowska / Design & Build: Grzegorz Roman, Patrycja Czernow, Maciej Wieczorkiewicz, Paweł Szczepański, Ewelina Amboroziak

Project Location
Warsaw, Poland


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Vibrant Hub, Versatile Commons and Tranquil Focus Areas

The office’s thoughtful layout caters to modern work dynamics, providing flexible meeting spaces conducive to the exchange of ideas and dynamic collaboration. Whether it’s a cozy lounge for intimate discussions or modern, technology-rich conference rooms for larger gatherings, the workspace adapts to various group sizes and meeting types.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, a vibrant coffee corner serves as a hub of activity, where employees gather to enjoy delicious beverages and share in the office’s collective energy. Beyond this, an open common space takes center stage, facilitating meetings, hosting essential events, workshops, and training sessions.

However, it’s not just the buzz that defines this workspace. The office prides itself on providing moments of peace and serenity. Soundproofing elements, including sound-absorbing panels, curtains, and acoustic screens, cocoon employees in a focused, noise-free environment.

Art Weaved into Design

Yet, what truly distinguishes this interior are the unique artistic elements thoughtfully woven throughout. A paper sculpture created by a Swedish artist of Polish origin, featuring a dog, adds a touch of whimsy and creative spirit to the space.

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation – Workspace Aligned with SEB’s Values

The new Warsaw office embodies SEB Banks’s key brand messages: trustworthy financial institution with long tradition of delivering outstanding service, innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Design combines timeless elegance with functionality and fosters efficiency, creativity, and collaboration. With finishes, artefacts and bespoke artwork drawing upon the historical heritage of the site – the XIXth century Norblin  tile factory – SEB Bank’s core values and traditions seamlessly merge with local heritage, crafting a unique, inspiring, and productive workspace that resonates with employees. This office stands as a testament to SEB Bank’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and a workspace designed to empower and inspire its workforce.