2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | Xiamen Haicang Yuelu Bay Demonstration Plot | Z+D DESIGN

This project is the first landing project of Lianfa Group’s YueXi label, and the first new Xiamen decorative landscape demonstration area project in Xiamen. Z+D Landscape has the honor to participate in the whole process of label research and development and project landing.

Global Future Design Awards 2023: Entries Open! 

Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Xiamen Haicang Yuelu Bay Demonstration Plot
Mixed-Use Architecture (Built)


Zhu Xirui

Design Team
Zhu Xirui, Chen Shu, Wang Kuilin, Zeng Zhiyue, Qing Ying, Fan Di, Huang Yuyang, Zou Zixi




Gulangyu Island in Xiamen embodies half of China’s modern history and carries the mission of a special cultural zone and rich human resources. It is also the cradle of the Enlightenment of human society.

As a humanist, Lianfa extracts the enlightened and elegant modern humanistic spirit, shows the beauty of multiculturalism, and pioneers a new trend of humanistic residence that resonates with human settlements——NEW AMOY DECO.

Red bricks witness the baptism of centuries. Red brick is also known as rouge brick. Each Rouge brick goes through 13 processes, firing at 1200 ° high temperature for 20 hours and proofing for many times. This is also the red brick exclusive to Lianfa.

The magnificent arcade is interspersed with shadow waves, which seems to form a beautiful moonlight ring.

Light and shadow flow over time on the brick walls that resemble artistic sculptures,Write a poem for life.

Born with the island, living by the water.Nature and humanity are intertwined, highlighting the poetic life on the waterfront

The landscape implants the concept of “island” and “forest”, through the sound of water flowing from the small spring, the rainforest plants created by the wushu forest, the shadows of the trees sprinkled through the corridor under the sun, from the auditory and visual senses, to create a scene experience with Xiamen style corridor, emphasizing the permeability of the landscape, and an island picture scroll slowly unfolds.

The sound of falling water and the shadows of trees floating on the surface of the water create a scene experience with Xiamen style from the auditory and visual senses.

Designer language: abandoning past experience to do design is always full of uncertainties and challenges. In order to find the landscape design clues of the new Xiamen decoration style, Zhudi and Lianfa have carried out the research and development process for nearly a year. Finally, we returned to our original intention and brought a garden rooted in traditional culture and full of local flavor to Xiamen. Zhudi’s greatest ability is to innovate and record beautiful moments of culture. This project has become a special memory in the design experience of Zhudi.