2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner | YUNPARK | TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Green Town Yun Park is located in the emerging Shuixi area in Tianjin, whose core is Shuixi Park, the largest wetland park in the outer ring road of Tianjin. The unique geographical location of quietness in downtown area makes the project have a kind of reclusive life temperament, attracting a large number of literati in Tianjin who yearn for nature and freedom of mind.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Housing Multi-Family (Under Construction)

TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Qiang Xu

Design Team
Lixiang Liu, Zhihui Fan, Wenyu Liu, Xiaoyong He, Chunyang Jin, Sanpeng Cai, Yang Chen, Liang Zhen, Yingqi Pei, Shuo Zong, Lina Zhang, Xue Guo Lixiang Liu, Zhihui Fan, Wenyu Liu, Xiaoyong He, Chunyang Jin, Sanpeng Cai, Yang Chen, Liang Zhen, Yingqi Pei, Shuo Zong, Lina Zhang, Xue Guo



©TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Western style houses on the Fifth Avenue play a decisive role in Tianjin’s human settlement history, and the love of Tianjin people for western style houses can almost be internalized into a kind of urban character, because western style houses not only represent clean and beautiful living conditions and noble social classes, but also the living dream of several generations of Tianjin people, which has long condensed into an indelible historical complex. As the poem said that there no hustle and bustle when you live in downtown, it shows that the poems of the ancients’ lofty and reclusive ideals are now fully integrated into the context of western style houses in Yun Park.

Under the collision of Chinese concept and international aesthetics, we draw inspirations for Yun Park from the glory of foreign houses in the past, recreate genes in the lost classics and presents the free, diverse and forward-looking Tianjin spirit in architecture from the contemporary perspective of modern oriental.

In Yun Park, there is Jinmen, the essence of gardening traditional Chinese garden, which allows piling of rockeries with water, green stones with running steams, old trees and tall bamboos, and naturally form the charm of the south of the Yangtze River and the scenery of Shuixi Park with a kind of classical and wonderful contrast, so as to achieve the spiritual commonality between green city craftsmanship and Jiangnan gardens.In terms of Chinese-style townhouse, we adheres the Chinese-style essence of Green City Yunlu Series and deconstruct the complicated berm cornices, carved beams and painted buildings in the facade design, refine them into simple and neat lines, and transform the seven traditional architectural elements of “columns, walls, eaves, tiles, ridges, yards and materials” through advanced technology and materials, so as to outline a restrained, simple, light and calm image, create a fine and calm art model that inherits the past and enlightens the present, and integrate the oriental artistic conception of nature in the west of the water.

The  downtown  takes  Shuixi  Park  as  the  core  resource  and  the  project  subverts  the
development state of each group through the thinking of overall construction. There are vast lake landscape, abundant wetland resources, park green axis together with the public urban attractions of Shuixi Park that have been integrated into an organic urban unit. In the convergence of residential values, it has shown to Tianjin with an open, friendly and soft contemporary parkcommunity sample, further deepening the  concept of “Park Community”. There east and west clusters in the project site. Through the collision between the low-density western-style house community and the Chinese townhouse community, a fusion beauty with unique oriental artistic conception is formed.