2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Rockefeller Group Headquarters | Fogarty Finger

Rockefeller Group Headquarters

Fogarty Finger was engaged for the design of Rockefeller Group’s new 40,000 RSF headquarters in New York City. Rockefeller saw their office relocation as a chance to design a space that elevates the firm’s work and creates a more connected culture that helps drive increased productivity and innovation. The space needed to include an expansive common area, incorporate better technology and sustainable practices, reflect the company’s legacy and brand, and inspire employees.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Rockefeller Group Headquarters
Corporate Interior Design Built

Fogarty Finger 

Robert Finger

Design Team
Robert Finger, AIA, Alexandra Cuber, AIA, LEED AP, Tin Min Fong, Candace Rimes, Taylor Fleming, Carl Laffan, Evan Smith, Ana Luiza P Addor, Heather Ditmars, Chase Henderson, Mari Kroin, Min Choe

New York

United States of America

©Connie Zhou

The relocation concludes a six-year, $625 million redevelopment of the former Time & Life Building, positioning the developer’s own headquarters at the center of the reborn mid-century modern landmark. Everything in the new office reveals how the company approaches design and development today, with careful attention to materials and architectural details that enhance quality of life through the built environment. 

The workplace was designed around and for employees. It showcases Rockefeller’s design aesthetic, and presents that capability and brand experience to clients and partners. Hospitality elements are infused throughout including darker, shared spaces with comfortable seating, and calming scents and music in various rooms.

In their partnership the leadership and design team took a place to come to work and transformed it into a place to come to work together. The space showcases how collaboration, when encouraged and supported by the right design, can substantially improve productivity. A variety of meeting spaces were incorporated throughout to support the new, more open workplace.

Rockefeller’s leadership team has seen a noticeable spike in energy and collaboration between employees, with spaces such as The Commons constantly filled with employees socializing, working on laptops, and collaborating with coworkers and clients.

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