Awardee 2021 Global Future Design Awards

APR Hosted Awards 2021 Highlights of the competition this year outstanding designs. We are delighted to congratulate ‘APR Global Future Design Awards 2021. Hosted by APR with the idea of acknowledging the works of professionals and students across the globe in the architecture and design field.  

Another great opportunity. APR’s next award Global Future Design Awards 2022. is open for Registration. Don’t miss the chance, it’s a huge platform for architects and designers. 

APR GFD Awards 2021 Awardee: Goettsch Partners, Refik Anadol Studio, Shanghai PTArchitects, HWCD, Fogarty Finger, Andre Kikoski Architect, ISTUDIO Architects, Qatar Free Zones Authority, Griffin Enright Architects, Dowell Group, Jiang & Associates Creative Design, GWP Architects, Rottet Studio, UArchitects, Marta Gonzalez Arquitectos, THAPE/ CLV/ antao, Concept i, GND Jiedi Landscape Design, BLVD International, sanzpont [arquitectura], Studio Joseph, Agile Group, TOMO Design, Yuan Ye Architects, DO Design Group, John A Simonetti Architect, CLV.DESIGN, Highly Design, Zhejiang Qingmo Engineering Design Co.,Ltd, HDB Building & Research Institute, Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados, ZHOYU  IN, DC ALLIANCE, Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute, Vanke, VAVRICA ARCHITEKTI, François Lévy Architecture + Interiors, NNS DESIGN, LEMANARC SA, Zest Art, Seen Displays, Jumu Landscape Design, Y. DESIGN, Shanghai Hexi Architectural Design Co., LTD, FortyEighty Architecture, Archimatika, Sanya MCC Minglan Development Co., Ltd, Taweecool Architects, GT.DECO, GEEDESIGN, AFORM ARCHITECTS, Design Apartment, JTL Studio Pte. Ltd, Chongqing, BLVD International, MEDG, WONDER DESIGN, HILL LANDSCAPE, Serendipper Design, Puhui Design, G&K Architecture Design, and many more…

Second Award | 110 North Wacker | Goettsch Partners

Second Award | Dock 72 – Brooklyn Navy Yard | Fogarty Finger

Second Award | Poly International Finance Center | Goettsch Partners

Second Award | River Palace | HWCD

Second Award | Suzhou Dushu Lake Hospital | LEMANARC SA

Second Award | The Tree of Life Club | Zest Art

Second Award | Post Oak Development | Rottet Studio

Second Award | Collective Tower Hong Kong | UArchitects

Second Award | Bally Haus Flagship Concept | New York Meatpacking District | Seen Displays

Second Award | Jabuticabeira’s Residence | Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados

Second Award | Business Innovation Park | Qatar Free Zones Authority

Second Award | The Dime | Fogarty Finger

Second Award | Meishan Campus of Ningbo Polytechnic | DO Design Group

Second Award | Aux · Flora Bloom | Jumu Landscape Design

Second Award | Tongwei Global Exhibition Center | ZHOYU  IN

Second Award | Marvin Gaye Recreation Center | ISTUDIO Architects

Second Award | Chan Town Showroom | GWP Architects

Second Award | Jiang Lai Shang Fu | DC ALLIANCE

Second Award | SAC Dowell Center·Tree House | Dowell Group, Jiang & Associates Creative Design

Second Award | Birch Residence | Griffin Enright Architects

Second Award | Space Canyon | Design Apartment

Second Award | Yujidao Park, Sichuan | BLVD International

Second Award | Nice view | VAVRICA ARCHITEKTI

Second Award | Moment in Peking | Agile Group

Second Award | 75 Kenmare | Andre Kikoski Architect

Second Award | Boussoleil | François Lévy Architecture + Interiors

Second Award | Jindi Lanyue Plaza Exhibition Center | Shanghai Hexi Architectural Design Co., LTD

Second Award | Jinke·Bocui Future Marketing Center | NNS DESIGN

Second Award | Parc Residences @ Tengah | HDB Building & Research Institute

Second Award | Arboretum | ISTUDIO Architects

Second Award | Habitat 29 | Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Second Award | Phatthalung HeARTell | Taweecool Architects

Second Award | Vanke Author One Clubhouse | Vanke

Second Award | Central Mansion | HILL LANDSCAPE

Second Award | Green Fields Pick Up Wild Rivers | Shanghai Hexi Architectural Design Co., LTD

Second Award | 1700 Broadway Club | Fogarty Finger

Second Award | Gemdale · Joy Bay Exhibition Center | Shanghai PTArchitects

Second Award | Exhibit Staging Center | FortyEighty Architecture

Second Award | Aoyuan International Business Centre | HWCD

Second Award | Machine Memoirs: Space | Refik Anadol Studio

Second Award | Nanjing Xuanwu Powerlong City Show Flat | Y. DESIGN

Second Award | Floating Amsterdam Bicycle / Pedestrian Bridge | John A Simonetti Architect LLC

Third Award | Merchants Unique Palace Sales Center Shenzhen | BLVD International

Third Award | Agile • Shanqin Bay, Hainan | CLV.DESIGN

Third Award | Sunac • Beyond Mansion Sales Center, Tianjin | TOMO Design

Third Award | Renovation of Hangzhou Wanyu Tower | DO Design Group

Third Award | Giants On The Quayside – Whey Aye Wheel Project | Concept i

Third Award | Shubei School | Yuan Ye Architects

Third Award | Pure White – Cemetery in Haimen | Zhejiang Qingmo Engineering Survey & Design Co., Ltd

Third Award | Hangzhou Tiaoxi Park Commercial Street | GWP Architects

Third Award | Shanqing Bay Wave | Agile Group

Third Award | Everbon Center One | HWCD

Third Award | Huguangxuefu Sales Center | Highly Design

Third Award | New Glass Now | Studio Joseph

Third Award | Paniza Wineries | Marta Gonzalez Arquitectos

Third Award | D525 | sanzpont [arquitectura]

Third Award | Shenzhen Metro Changzhen Depot Complex | BLVD International

Third Award | Thaxton | Griffin Enright Architects

Third Award | CR-Land Park Lane Manor | JTL Studio Pte. Ltd, Chongqing

Third Award | VANKE Wonderland Co-life sky Lab experience center | Zhejiang Qingmo Engineering Design Co.,Ltd

Third Award | Dowell Valley of Light | WONDER DESIGN

Third Award | Vanke Kinsway International | GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Third Award | Cloud Mansion Sales Center | G&K Architecture Design

Third Award | Happy Valley Clubhouse Extension – Hong Kong | Concept i

Third Award | West Coast·Innovation Technology City Experience Center | Serendipper Design

Third Award | Sunac One World Yancheng · Melody of Universe | THAPE | CLV | antao

Third Award | Dongguan CBD Parking Building | GWP Architects

Third Award | Garden Tower Development Complex – NYC | John A Simonetti Architect LLC

Honorable Mention | Greentown • Anji Taohuayuan | GT.DECO

Honorable Mention | Powerlong Sales Center, Haikou | Y. DESIGN

Honorable Mention | Jin Shang Ya Chen | Agile Group

Honorable Mention | Becon · Yanqi Lake | Jumu Landscape Design

Honorable Mention | Business Center in Kyiv | Archimatika

Honorable Mention | Yihe Jinmao Palace | Serendipper Design

Honorable Mention | Bwindi Eco Tourism Center | ISTUDIO Architects

Honorable Mention | Agile Skyline 715 | AFORM ARCHITECTS

Honorable Mention | Mandapa of NORAH’s Culture | Taweecool Architects

Honorable Mention | Minmetals International Plaza | Sanya MCC Minglan Development Co., Ltd

Honorable Mention | Gemdale Megacity | antao

Honorable Mention | Shenyang Gemdale AI City | GEEDESIGN

Honorable Mention | Fengyue Mansion Landscape Design | MEDG

Honorable Mention | Geeentown Suizhou 380 House | HWCD

Honorable Mention | Fairview Park Marketing Center | Puhui Design